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Janean & Shad live to the similar motto. No Marriage. "It's not for me." They say. But what will happen when the two meet and decide to be fuck buddies? Will feelings arise? Will their views on marriage change? Can they handle what comes with having a 'fuck buddy' ?

Stick around to see...

"You know with your hair like that. You look like me when I was a kid in a movie called Like Mike."

"When you were a kid?"

"Yeah when I was kid."

whats the girls name who is janean's character. and please update i check this page all the time waiting for an update

Her name is Dajsha Alejandro. Here’s her tumblr if you want it: & I’m working on it I promise! :D

I just wanna make this quick.


I appreciate and love everybody who fucks with me and any of my fan-fictions! I don’t say it often but I mean that shit. Even if I don’t publish a book or even finish a story on here I love all y’all and the support you all give me is fucking amazing!

Stay blessed. Stay humble. 


- Nita

What's the story you're working on?

This one;


Erm right now I’m focusing on a different story since its almost done. Then I plan on working on this one for a while. So we will see though.

She's My...: Chapter 11: Oh shit...



Janean | Re’Niyah

"Aye you have to chill out." this short guy with hazel eyes warned me.

"Please. Be gone little man. I can do what I please." I rolled my eyes and picked up another shot of vodka. The liquor burn my throat slightly but it felt damn good.

I have no idea what Jay is…

I am ADDICTED to this story , possibly one of the best bow wow fan fictions I've ever read 😍 P.S. Unique bout to get that ass tagged 👊👌

Aw thank you hun :D & Goooorl….